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Sugar Loaf

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Grid Reference: SO 273 167
OS Landranger: 161
Latitude: 51.843223 (51º 50.59335'N)
longitude: -3.059595 (3º 03.57570'W)

Site Ref: 7.039
Liaison Site Datum: SO 271 166
Freephone: 0800 515544

Wind Direction: SSE - SSW (150º - 210º)
Best Direction: S (180º)

Height ASL: 340m (1,115ft)
Top to Bottom: 290m (950ft)

Minimum Rating Hang Gliding: Pilot
Minimum Rating Paragliding: Pilot

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Road access:

Take the A40 from Abergavenny or Crickhowell, turn onto the minor road signposted to the Sugar Loaf. The road is narrow and much used, please show consideration to other users.


Car parking is available on the North side of the road, around 200m before the main National Trust car park.


Access to take-off is by foot only, a short carry up. The take-off area is about 100m back from the access road at the top of Mynydd Llanwenarth. Rig and take-off to the Southwest of the grass track along the line of the ridge. Take-off is a very shallow slope, not well suited to paragliders.


Top landing is possible to the NE of take-off (A).

There are two alternative bottom landing fields (B & C) at the base of the hill. If you are contemplating landing in either of the two fields, ring Mr or Mrs Davies (Tel 01873 853271) the owners first. Please do not ring before 9.30am. Always remove gliders via the gate, and do not obstruct the main road. Do not land in the adjacent field.

It‘s also possible to reach Castle Meadows (D) in the right conditions.


This is essentially a thermal site not a ridge soaring site, and in that sense committing. The shallow slope means it is not really suitable for paragliders except in the most favourable conditions.


Liable to extreme turbulence in anything above 15mph.

Other rules:

The area is owned by the National Trust and disturbance must be minimised.
A maximum of 6 fully rigged gliders is permitted at any one time.
Flying is not permitted on Bank Holiday Weekends.
The Sugar Loaf Mountain is not part of this site.

Site status:

Members Only - This site may only be flown by members of the SE Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.

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