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Grid Reference: SN 926 031
OS Landranger: 170
Latitude: 51.716312 (51º 42.97872'N)
longitude: -3.556036 (3º 33.36213'W)

Site Ref: 7.110
Liaison Site Datum: SN 926 031
Freephone: 0800 515544

Wind Direction: NW - NNE (315º - 023º)
Best Direction: N (000º)

Height ASL: 472m (1,550ft)
Top to Bottom: 135m (450ft)

Minimum Rating Hang Gliding: Pilot
Minimum Rating Paragliding: Pilot

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Road access:

From the A465 (Heads of the Valleys Road) take the A4061, signposted to Treherbert. Alternatively take the A4061 from the Rhondda.


There is a large viewpoint car park at the side of the road.


Rig and take-off from the grass area in front of the car park, a minimal carry. The hang glider launch is over a barbed wire fence, so a committed take-off is required. Rigging space at take-off is very limited; if necessary use the open land behind the road. Don‘t rig in the car park, or climb over fences. Always use the stile.


The top landing area (A) is a large field to the East of take-off. Always use the gate, and close it behind you. Do not attempt to land on Hirwaun Common to the East of take-off, as a commercial paragliding school has negotiated exclusive use of this area.

Bottom landing is possible in the rough field (B) adjacent to Tower Colliery. The grass is very long, the field is boggy, and it has a raised dirt track going through the middle of it. A pre-flight visit is essential.


A very scenic site situated on a main road. Any flying usually attracts a crowd. A committed take-off is required to clear the fence, and care needed until height is gained.


Most hazards are obvious, the trees, the main road, the reservoir, etc. But beware of the power lines out of sight to the left of take-off. These can be difficult to see as they run from the cliff top down to the trees, at about 45° to the hill. Beware also of sailplanes from the nearby club.

There are no opt-outs, and the bottom landing field requires great care and can be difficult to reach in strong winds. A pre-flight check is essential

Other rules:

This site is flown courtesy of Mr Mervyn Morgan, who bought and fenced the land some years ago. He lives in Rhigos, and therefore any breaking of the rules will not go unnoticed, and could prejudice the site.

Site status:

Open site - This site may be flown by suitably insured visiting hang glider & paraglider pilots.

This site falls within a Gliding Avoidance Area (2NM SN 918 050)

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