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Grid Reference: SO 318 234
OS Landranger: 161
Latitude: 51.904946 (51º 54.29677'N)
longitude: -2.992728 (2º 59.56370'W)

Site Ref: 7.003
Liaison Site Datum: SO 319 243
Freephone: 0800 515544

Wind Direction: NE - ESE (045º - 112º)
Best Direction: ENE (068º)

Height ASL: 328m (1,075ft)
Top to Bottom: 220m (730ft)

Minimum Rating Hang Gliding: CP
Minimum Rating Paragliding: CP

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Road access:

From the A465 on minor roads. Please observe the Club‘s one way traffic system whenever possible. Larger vehicles may have to use the up road in both directions.


Please park in the designated fields (P) on the right hand site of the road leading to the gate to the common. Don't park on the lane leading to the common, or on the verges on either side of it.

Whilst the top field, accessed by the gate closest to the common, is obviously the most convenient for pilots, during the lambing season a feeder is usually placed just inside the gate, and with sheep and tractor traffic this field can become very muddy.

In these cicumstances, we have been given permission to use the ajoining field back down the lane for parking. Access to this field is via the third gate down from the common, as the second gate is not accessable to any traffic.

Don't pass gliders or equipment over hedges, walls or fences. Always use the gate and close it after use. Don't drive through gate to the common (G).


Bottom take-off (A) is a moderate but fairly flat carry from the car park. Please rig in a sensible place. Don‘t block paths and tracks, or obstruct the small lower take-off area. Take-off can be turbulent in strong winds. Paragliders frequently use the top take-off (B).


Top landing can be tricky and should always be treated with caution.

Hang gliders should not attempt to top land whilst flying at min sink. The safest and most predictable top landing area (C) is well back on the shoulder, behind the track. Landing by the trig point is not recommended due to severe rotor. Hang gliders are advised not to attempt to land back on the lower take-off as it can be very unpredictable.

The main bottom landing field (D) can be identified by a windsock on the South boundary, and a barn in the corner by the gate. Retrieve vehicles may be parked in the field next to the gate, but don‘t drive beyond the barn. Don‘t park on the road. If the main field is occupied by livestock use the next field to the South (E), but beware of the trees in the SW corner.


A scenic site with a ridge of around 10Km (6 miles). In the right conditions it‘s possible to jump the gap at the end of the ridge, and fly on to Hay Bluff. However, the site can be turbulent in strong winds, particularly when it‘s off to the North. The level of competence needed to fly Pandy safely shouldn‘t be underestimated.


Rotor can be very severe in strong winds. Beware of rotor from the large tree to the North of the lower take-off. Paragliders should not allow themselves to drop much below the lower ridge as flying close and low is made extremely hazardous by trees.

Other rules:

Safe top landing areas are limited, don‘t leave gliders in them. This is a sensitive site, please drive slowly and with consideration for local residents. Club Pilots with less than 10 hrs logged may only fly under the supervision of an Instructor or Club Coach.

The site is closed between 1st - 21st May to allow stock to be settled on the hillside.

Site status:

Members Only - This site may only be flown by members of the SE Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.

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