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Cwmbran Mountain Air

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Grid Reference: ST 268 977
OS Landranger: 171
Latitude: 51.673281 (51º 40.39688'N)
longitude: -3.059962 (3º 03.59772'W)

Site Ref: 7.166
Liaison Site Datum: ST 268 977
Freephone: 0800 515544

Wind Direction: SE - S (135º - 180º)
Best Direction: SSE (157º)

Height ASL: 472m (1,550ft)
Top to Bottom: 120m (390ft)

Minimum Rating Hang Gliding: CP
Minimum Rating Paragliding: Pilot

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Road access:

From Crumlin or Pontypool on the A472. At Hafodyryns take the minor road which leads to the back of the common, and a track. Vehicular access via the track is by permission of the Trustees of the Llanover Estate. Be warned the ground can become very boggy in places during the wet months. The alternative foot access is by public footpath up the shoulder of the hill.


If using the footpath, use the car park at the Mountain Air Picnic Site.


A minimal carry if using the track, a long carry up if using the footpath. An awkward take-off, watch out for tall ferns and ditches.


The top landing area (A) is a little tricky for hang gliders and needs careful planning. Watch out for the mast. Paragliders will find slope landing difficult because of the steepness of the slope, and the bracken cover.

Hang gliders and paragliders can land on the first shoulder (B). Hang gliders should not attempt to land on the broken ground adjacent to the car park (C), and paragliders need to be very precise when attempting to land there. Hang gliders can however land on the flat part of the common adjacent to the lamb Inn (D). In the right conditions high performance hang gliders can also land at the sports field; but this is a long glide, and should not be attempted on intermediate gliders.


During the first few hundred feet of height gain, watch out for turbulence from the trees below ridge level. The turbulence can become severe in strong winds.


There is a clay pigeon shooting range behind the Mountain Air Inn on Sundays, look for the red flag.

Other rules:

This is a sensitive site. Please respect the rights of other users of the common.

Site status:

Members Only - This site may only be flown by members of the SE Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.

This site is flown with the kind permission of the Trustees of the Llanover and Pontypool Estates.

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