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Grid Reference: SO 101 035
OS Landranger: 171
Latitude: 51.722989 (51º 43.37933'N)
longitude: -3.302901 (3º 18.17403'W)

Site Ref: 7.119
Liaison Site Datum: SO 100 035
Freephone: 0800 515544

Wind Direction: N/A
Best Direction: N/A

Height ASL: 477m (1,445ft)
Top to Bottom: N/A

Minimum Rating Hang Gliding: CP
Minimum Rating Paragliding: CP

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Road access:

From the A465 (Heads of the Valleys Road), or the A4060 via minor roads. Head for Fochriw. Continue around the back of the hill, and take the right hand fork at the crossroads. Continue on past the cemetery. Then turn right at the next junction, and head towards Bedlinog village.


Park sensible alongside the road. It‘s recommended that you keep your car in view, as there have been a number of break-ins and thefts in the area.


Pen Garnbugail is a conical hill with a fairly flat top, and shallow slopes on all sides. Take-off is therefore possible in all directions. FLPA tailwind or uphill take-offs are inherently dangerous and should not be attempted.

Please give way to any schools training on or in front of the hill.


Land on top of Pen Garnburgail (A), or the flat area of common to the SW (B). Give way to any schools training in the area. Do not land on Mynydd Fochriw (C).


Please keep noise levels down. No low flying over buildings.


Please select your launch point with care, and remember that the distance required to clear an obstacle after take off can vary enormously depending upon air conditions, the wing used, wing loading, and pilot technique. The BHPA recommends an absolute minimum unobstructed area of 200 metres in the direction of take off for hang glider FLPAs.

Keep a look out for Paragliders flying from Mynydd Fochriw, and hang gliders and Paragliders flying over the back of Merthyr.

Other rules:

This site was originally negotiated by the Welsh Hang Gliding Centre, and is often used by local schools. In the event of congestion the schools must be given priority.

Pilots of Foot Launched Powered Aircraft (FLPA) should not attempt to take off, soar, or land at Fochriw, or any other SE Wales flying site. Most existing site agreements are for "quiet air sports only", and usually specifically exclude use of the site by pilots flying powered aircraft.

Site status:

Foot Launched Powered Aircraft Members Only - This site may only be flown by FLPA members of the SE Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.

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