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Does anyone ever fly Cwmbran?
posted by David Williams
on Wed 2 Apr 11:44

I've been to Cwmbran Mountain Air quite a few times when the wind has been SE, but I've almost always found myself alone there. I'd like to know why. Is it that somewhere else is always better? Or is there some reason that people avoid it?

Latest reply by axis
on Thu 17 Apr 15:13

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Pilot wanted for pop promo
posted by axis
on Thu 17 Apr 15:04

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As I mentioned on the phone, we are looking to find a paraglider who may be interested in letting us film them in action for a music video of an up and coming Cardiff based band. The song is called Paraglide.

The film will be a music video which we want to shoot it in the style of a documentary. We hope to portray a story...

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Website Updates
posted by paul
on Mon 17 Mar 16:26

The Blorenge

Following a request made at the AGM, I've added a sketch map of the area of land owned by the Club on the Blorenge. You'll find this in the members area.

[size=150][color=#FF0000]Nant-y-Moel Webcam...

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BCC 2014
posted by Mark Cousins
on Tue 11 Mar 20:41

Well its March already so about time to start thinking of flying again after a wet and windy winter.

Firstly, and foremost I doubt that many us pilots will be current, unless that is you have been abroad over the winter! I am also sure that the spring thermals will be punchy and rough as ever so please all take care and try and stay within your limits, whether it be in a BCC...

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  Parachute Re-pack Session - update Nick Roberts has kindly agreed to help out at our parachute re-pack session at Bryn Bach Park on Sunday 16th March 2014. As a result, both Chris and Nick will now be on hand to offer guidance and advice to members re-packing their parachutes that evening. If you're thinking of coming along to our re-pack session, please drop Chris an email at ....

Cymfly - SEWHGPGC E-News
  Club AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the South East Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club will take place on Sunday 16th March 2014 at Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, starting at 7.00pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to present the Club’s accounts for 2012/13 and to appoint a new board of Directors for 2014/15.  A list of those currently standing for ... ....

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« 17 April 20:02 » BCC The wind speeds seem to gradually be creeping upwards on each respective forecasts for Saturday and it may be touch and go bit think its worth a go, although its up to you and your team to make your own decision, but please let me know either way. I am planning on Pandy at present and initial meet at Pandy Inn at 10:30 am. We will need to try to share lifts up if possible. SUNDAY is cancelled
« 17 April 09:39 » Hi Guys, any coaches headed to pandy tomorrow, new member 20hrs wants to fly it for 1st time. call me text me 07970 421373 steve
« 17 April 08:08 » BCC - For all those joining the team as a member or supporter the current forcast looking like Pandy for Saturday and Sunday may be off. I'm hoping to camp at Park farm Friday Sat sun Eves.
« 15 April 16:55 » Who's Team Captain for the BCC proposed this weekend ? I'd like to tag along.
« 13 April 18:46 » Mark, I'm up for Hundred House... Fancy a car share?
« 12 April 11:07 » Is anybody using the glympse free download app, if so dont forgetto post your position to the !sewhgpgclub group when your out on a flying site. It will help us all see where is working.
« 12 April 11:05 » Looking good for tomorrow sunday what sites are people thinking of at the mo. also get your glympse app downloaded
« 10 April 22:12 » Hi Frazer. Sorry im no help as im working tomorrow but you might get more help if you post on Paul Williams facebook page. Hope you have a good day...... Lee
« 10 April 17:44 » Looking for help getting to SEW sites tomorrow - I am a member, not regular and not local, but looking to come up by train to Abergavenny early Friday morning - is there any chance of grabbing a lift to Hay Bluff - or where ever most local pilots are heading for a big day? If going further afield am happy to share fuel costs etc.
« 8 April 23:30 » If I'm going to NYM, I'll see Fochriw and Merthyr en route - but we'll have to see what the wind's actually doing on the day.
« 8 April 21:03 » I say early because it is due to get strong about 13:00 isn....
« 8 April 21:03 » Fochriw is a hell of a lot closer and if it is too much SW we could always go to Merthyr
« 8 April 21:02 » On the Paraventure Facebook site they are talking of Fchriw or Rhossili
« 8 April 20:57 » Hi Mogsie. I'll probably go to NYM or possibly Merthyr; though I don't do early!
« 8 April 20:47 » Anyone out flying tomorrow? I was thinking of giving NYM a go early.
« 5 April 07:33 » BCC - Easter weekend. Hi All I have called rounds for Saturday 19th April and Sunday 20th April on the basis that people may want to travel to and from the area on the bank holidays either side and camp the weekend. Most people tend to camp at Park farm LLangatock or FForest fields depending on the forecast and likely sites. A final decision will be made as to whether it is on and which site closer to the day when a more accurate forecast is available but in the meantime let me know if you want to join the team or just come along (David your most welcome).
« 3 April 11:53 » Hi all, Nick from Sussex here. I am coming to your sites at Easter and camping in my van for the week so I can try to fly as many there as I can. If anybody is about and sees my black transit or me on my blue mojo come and say hi
« 19 March 18:54 » Twitter feed. Is the club twitter re-tweet working. I didn't receive recent messages shown on the web site.
« 12 March 07:36 » Is anyone free to fly on Friday?
« 11 March 20:44 » BCC hi all i have posted some info inthe competitions area of the forum for those interested in joining the BCC team this year or those just interested in XC the post is entitled BCC 2014. Mogsie, plese feel free to come along the comp is aimed at getting pilots off the hill for their first XC's with other more experienced pilots about.
« 10 March 19:39 » For me today was the start of this years flying season. I know i'm already late but hey what ever! I am keen to get some XC in this year so would appreciate any advice or guidance from any sky gods out there. Does the club run any guidance or training days etc? If so who do I need to speak to in order to register my interest?
« 8 March 19:37 » Hi all, I'm in Wales for the weekend. Who fancies a bit of flying tomorrow and maybe a bit of rugby in a pub afterwards? I'm in Abergavenny and afraid I'm steering clear of the A465 tomorrow after 90 minute drive to Bike Park Wales in Merthyr. Cheers, Alistair.
« 1 March 10:58 » Few of us going to try Nanty Moel. gate should be open by about 11:30 ish please do not lock it unless you are the last person/car off the hill.
« 27 February 22:48 » Does anybody have any suggestions for a tracking app for a smart phone other than Livetrack 24 or Glymse??? If so let me know.
« 27 February 10:28 » To download the latest issue of Dragonfly please click on the Dragonfly logo towards the bottom of this page
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